Al-Nidaa - Charity Painting sale

This is a sneak peek of the artworks donated by artist, Fatimah Chik for sale in support of Al-Nidaa school building fund. It ranges from batik scrolls to framed pieces.

Fatimah Chik's batik artistry encompasses 3 decades. She uses block batik printing primarily but also infuses other techniques like Shibori & silk-screening.

Her works are meticulously planned and measured and applied with many layers of colours, waxed & re-waxed, dyed & re-dyed, often done with repeated motifs in a straight, circular or triangular form.

Her works are collected by National Art Gallery and many private collectors & organisations.

Interested buyers can preview the collection and make purchases on that night or follow-up later with the coordinator, Pak Din 012-2820244

The value of these artworks are between RM20,000 - RM40,000 but will be priced below market value for more accessibility to prospective buyers.

However, if any buyer would like to donate more for this cause, it would be greatly appreciated.


Golden Triangle - batik scroll, 218 x 75cm, 1982
Nusantara series 5 - batik scroll, 218 x 75cm, 1982 

Nusantara series - Batik Scroll, 1982
Nusantara series - Mandalara

Nusantara series - Gunungan
Nusantara - Cebisan (Fragments) - a combination of more than 1 piece of artwork

Nusantara series - Rosey Green, 1993

SEJADAH series

Sejadah series - Aqidah, 2001

Sejadah series, 2001

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